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a media and documentary  production company, with artistic & social engagement


films that empower invisible perspectives, connecting  local stories 

 with global audiences

interactive platforms,

 transmedia and web narratives

to share your stories 



Itinerant storytellers, based in Germany.

Our interests as storytellers go beyond only filming or informing.
Our commitment
and involvement focus on creating links in between the audiences and quite controversial subjects.

Through a fine aesthetical treatment, we bring all these subjects where everyone can connect with them.

We develop singular workflows and narrative processes.
Shaping and featuring our productions on a mix of techniques.

We believe, we have something to learn and reflect about the protagonists of our documentaries. 
Through them, we want to empower new perspectives of the world, as a source of valuable knowledge to build future societies.

We want to spread this knowledge, challenging the traditional media narratives.

We avoid pejorative generalizations or judgments over the reported situations. 

We work with communities that launch real alternatives to the status quo. Communities that have a vision of a just society and are actively working towards it.

We are free of religious, political and external  economic interests.

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